A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the ICMS has been a
constant voice for the local medical community


Theodore Affue, MD

Theodore Affue, M.D.
(760) 353-8181

Hamid Zadeh, MD

President Elect
Hamid Zadeh, M.D.
(760) 550-6327

Uberto Muzzarelli, MD

Uberto Muzzarelli, M.D.
(760) 554-1901

Majid Mani, MD

Immediate Past President
Majid Mani, M.D.
(760) 352-7755

Unnati Sampat, MD

Board Member
Unnati Sampat, M.D.
(760) 592-4783

Ameen Alshareef, M.D.

Board Member
Ameen Alshareef, M.D.
(760) 970-4862

Mervat Kelada, M.D.

Board Member
Mervat Kelada, M.D.
(760) 768-5055

Elias Moukarzel, MD

Alternate Member
Elias Moukarzel, M.D.
(760) 352-4103